CEAS Stiffy Fig 382

Fig 382 – CIP Stiffy Threaded Rod with Pigtail Loop

Quick Overview

300 Series Cast-in-Place Support Solutions - Safer and Faster Installation Saves Labor.

• Stiffy Fig 382 - Designed as a rigid method of support for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems
• Punch a hole in the deck and drop this support through
• Available with 1/4” or 3/8” All Thread Rod
• Zinc plated rod for corrosion resistance
• Can be used with or without concrete being poured over the deck
• Neoprene washer prevents concrete slurry from passing thru the deck
• Recommended where “Friction Connections” are not allowed
• When Stiffy Grippers (Fig 162) are connected to all thread rod a “Friction Connection” does not exist
• Max load in concrete filled deck: 300# per support
• Max load in decks with no concrete fill: 133# per support
• UL Listed