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about ceas construction engineered attachment solutions

A division of Tomarco Contractor Specialties, we have been creating labor saving attachment solutions for over 30 years. CEAS offers installers a wide array of custom support solutions for data cabling and electrical conduit that have re-established the bar for low voltage, data and electrical supports.

Each Stiffy support is made specifically to order. Our distributors carry a limited inventory because most products are produced on a just-in-time basis. The CEAS manufacturing department has the ability to custom fabricate supports quickly and accurately. Most orders ship from our manufacturing facility within 24 to 48 hours from the time the order is received. This enables contractors to custom tailor their support packages for each project.

CEAS is an affiliate of ISAT Seismic Bracing, an industry leader in pre-engineered seismic bracing systems for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contractors. In 2006 ISAT was involved in nearly 200 hospital projects in California alone. ISAT employs an engineering staff of over 20 people, including 5 Structural Engineers.

CEAS products work on jobsites because they are designed on jobsites. When unique product applications arise, CEAS has the ability to react quickly with prototypes and provide engineered product submittals that are approved by a Structural Engineer licensed in almost every state. During the preconstruction phase of your next project, contact your local CEAS distributor. Whether it is overhead, below a computer floor, mounted to a wall or cast into concrete, CEAS will help to create the most labor saving and cost effective engineered attachment solution specific to your application.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.


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