CEAS Stiffy Fig 201 Clip-on Comfort Cradle

Fig 201 – Stiffy Clip-on Comfort Cradle

Quick Overview

Labor Saving Low Voltage Supports

• Stiffy Fig 201 - Nonconductive Plenum Rated 2” wide polypropylene Comfort Cradle with Locking Restraint Latch
• Max support spacing: 4-5’ O.C.
• When used with Stiffy Rod Supports the rigid connection eliminates the need to attach to ceiling grid per NEC Article 300-11
• Available for 3/8” dia all thread rod
• UL listed hardware
• UL listed for use in plenums
• Cradles are available in RED, WHITE, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and BLACK
• 2” Wide Cradle offers exceptional support and reduces crimping
• Ideal for use with CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6A, CAT 7 and Fiber Optic Cables
• Refer to technical data
• Fill capacity for low voltage applications:

• 1” cradle: Up to 15ea CAT5E or 11ea CAT6A. (70% Fill)
• 2” cradle: Up to 61ea CAT5E or 46ea CAT6A. (70% Fill)
• 3-1/2” cradle: Up to 187ea CAT5E or 141ea CAT6A. (70% Fill)
• 6” cradle: Up to 550ea CAT5E or 417ea CAT6A. (70% Fill)