CEAS Wedgy Fig 731 Single Arms for 2-Tier Strut Trapeze

Fig 731 – Wedgy Single Arms for 2-Tier Strut Trapeze

Quick Overview

The Wedgy 700 Series Cable Supports (for Electrical and Low Voltage applications) are designed to install quickly, adjust easily to save you time and labor.

• Wedgy Fig 731 - Provides support for Conduit or Cable Tray
• Quick installation and adjustment
• Wedgy arms are designed for punched or slotted strut
• Fasteners are selected and pre‐staked for Concrete, Steel or Wood attachments
• Engineered as a COMPLETE ASSEMBLY!
• Assembly maximum capacities vary by substrate and embedment. Refer to the guideline tables on order form for useable loads
• Manufactured to ASTM A1023 and ASTM A931