CEAS Wedgy Fig 730 Single Arms for Strut Trapeze

Fig 730 – Single Wedgy Arms for Strut Trapeze

Quick Overview

The Wedgy 700 Series Cable Supports (for Electrical and Low Voltage applications) are designed to install quickly, adjust easily to save you time and labor.

• Wedgy Fig 730 - Provides support for Conduit or Cable Tray
• Quick installation and adjustment
• Wedgy arms are designed for punched or slotted strut
• Fasteners are selected and pre‐staked for Concrete, Steel or Wood attachments
• Engineered as a COMPLETE ASSEMBLY!
• Assembly maximum capacities vary by substrate and embedment. Refer to the guideline tables on order form for useable loads
• Manufactured to ASTM A1023 and ASTM A931