CEAS Wedgy Fig 605 Concrete Attachment

Fig 605 – Wedgy Tie Wire Wedge Anchor

Quick Overview

Wedgy Fig 605 Tie Wire Wedge Anchor
Cable Support Attachment for Concrete Applications

• Wedgy Fig 605 Provides support for Trapezes, HVAC Duct, Cable Tray, Piping and Conduit.
• Quick installation and adjustment.
• Engineered as a COMPLETE ASSEMBLY.
• Capacities Shown in the table below account for the connection to the structure with a 1/4” Tie Wire Wedge Anchor with 1-1/8” embedment into 3,000 PSI NWC. Not for use in cracked concrete applications.
• Capacities shown were derived from a legacy report based on the 2000 IBC.
• Assemblies can be manufactured with 2, 3, or 4 cables. Please contact CEAS for part numbers.
• Cables can be ordered to any length. Please contact CEAS for part numbers.
• U.S. Patent D737,134.

Option#Order OptionDescriptionPart#Embed
605-Tie Wire Wedge Anchor (Non-Seismic Non-Cracked Concrete)7409SD11-1/8”

To order Wedgy Fig 605, download part number list and determine which Wedgy Fig 605 option(s) are needed for your application and submit to your Sales Rep/Dealer.

To Order, Contact Your Sales Rep/Dealer, or Call (877) GOO-CEAS

Many other manufactured and custom cable support attachment assemblies are available.
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