CEAS Stiffy Fig 302 Double Loop Cast-in-Place Stiffy Tree

Fig 302 – Double Loop Cast-in-Place Stiffy Tree

Quick Overview

300 Series Cast-in-Place Support Solutions - Safer and Faster Installation Saves Labor.

• Stiffy Fig 302 - Provides rigid support for pipes and conduits in concrete decks prior to the pour
• Stiffy Sock® plastic foot provides a uniform opening to install fasteners and eliminates exposed metal when the forms are removed
• Support loop design eliminates restraint at the top
• Offers many additional uses
• Barely noticeable from below after forms are removed
• Eliminates the need to support from rebar or plastic chairs that break
• Support can extend above the concrete pour to protect the pipe
• Constructed with Zinc Coated Rod to Resist Corrosion