CEAS Squeeze Nuts - Channel Nut Solution

Squeeze Nuts – Channel Nuts

Quick Overview

CEAS Squeeze Nuts
Fits all size channel

• Easily insert Squeeze Nuts into channel - simply squeeze, insert and turn 90º to lock
• Fits all size channel
• Easily adjust just by sliding

Jobsite problem - Squeeze Nut Solution:
Spring channel nuts often get tangled in each other which wastes labor - Squeeze Nuts won't get tangled

Spring channel nuts are hard to insert and are near impossible to adjust without the spring slipping - Squeeze nuts attach to the channel edges and easily slide to adjust.

Watch the video for demonstration

Part #Description
HEA-SQN141/4” Squeeze Nuts
HEA-SQN383/8” Squeeze Nuts
HEA-SQN121/2” Squeeze Nuts
HEA-SQNSS141/4” Squeeze Nuts Stainless Steel
HEA-SQNSS121/2” Squeeze Nuts Stainless Steel

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