PowderPuff Powder Actuated Tool

PowderPuff – Powder Actuated Tool

PowderPuff Overview

PowderPuff Powder Actuated Tool, All the DRIVE-ABILITY without the NOISE!
Concrete, Masonry, Wood and Steel Applications

The Industry’s 1st Patented NOISE SUPPRESSED Power Actuated Tool
• .27 Caliber, SILENT, Indoor, Construction Tool SOLUTION - Ideal for tenant occupied construction
• Patented sealed barrel silences noise
• Maximum Pin Length: 2-1/2”
• Length: 12-5/8”
• Weight: 3.8 lbs.

PowderPuff Powder Actuated Tool Kit

Kit Contents 
• PowderPuff Powder Actuated Tool
• Red Universal Nosepiece (For Drivepins 3/4” to 1-1/2”)
• Tool Belt and Holster
• Storage Tool Box with Pull Out Tray
• Safety Glasses
• Flat Head Screwdriver Tool
• Open End Wrench
• Cleaning Brush
• Cleaning Fluid
• Instruction Manual
• Nosepiece/Drivepin Quick Reference Chart

PowderPuff Powder Actuated Tool - Best Performance

• Sealed barrel directs ALL OF the load to the fastener
• Reset spacer on the fastener allows piston to travel with the fastener into the substrate
• Consistent fastening reduces fish hooks and spalling
• Solid metal housing is more durable than polymide or other plastics
• Ergonomic handle absorbs recoil and increases operator comfort

PowderPuff Powder Actuated Tool - Best Safety

Best in Safety
• No live load in chamber when inserting a fastener in the barrel
• Load only advances into firing position after tool is depressed against work surface
• Suppressed noise is safer on operators ears

PowderPuff Powder Actuated Tool - Best Safety

Easy Cleaning - Only 3 Pieces
• Simply unscrew the nosepiece and remove the piston
• Only three pieces - NO small parts to loose
• Wire brush and cleaning solvent included in kit

PowderPuff KitHEA-PPKIT

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