CEAS Keyless Chuck Pole Tool - 1/2" Drill Shank

Keyless Chuck Pole Tool

Quick Overview

The CEAS Keyless Chuck Pole Tool. Universal keyless chuck for drill heads  Pole tools are safer, faster and easier than ladders, scaffolding or scissor lifts. If your looking for a safer, faster labor saving solution for long reach applications, then a consider the CEAS universal Keyless Chuck Pole Tool.

Benefits of CEAS Pole Tools 
• Faster install times increases productivity and saves labor
• Safer, faster and easier then ladders, scaffolding or scissor lifts
• Reduces exposure to close-up dust and noise
• Better leverage reduces back and shoulder pain

Telescoping CEAS Keyless Chuck Pole Tool Features
• Universal keyless chuck for drill heads (Shown with drill bit (not included)
• Hex shank fits all 1/2” electric, and cordless drills
• Industrial strength poles and hardware
• Telescoping two stage 3’-6’, 6’-12’
• Telescoping three stage 6’-18’, 8’-24’

Keyless Chuck Tool Part Numbers:

2 Stage 3’ - 6’ POLMKEY36
2 Stage 6’ - 12’ POLMKEY612
3 Stage 6’ - 18’ POLMKEY618
3 Stage 8’ - 24’POLMKEY824

To Order, Contact Your Sales Rep/Dealer, or Call (877) GOO-CEAS

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