CEAS Eyewire Pole Tool - Overhead Eyewire Installation

Eyewire Pole Tool

Quick Overview

The CEAS Eyewire Pole Tool, a CEAS patented exclusive Eyewire product. Pole tools are safer, faster and easier than ladders, scaffolding or scissor lifts. If your looking for a safer, faster labor saving solution for long reach Eyewire applications, then a CEAS Eyewire Pole Tool is a must have.

Benefits of CEAS Pole Tools 
• Faster install times increases productivity and saves labor
• Safer, faster and easier then ladders, scaffolding or scissor lifts
• Reduces exposure to close-up dust and noise
• Better leverage reduces back and shoulder pain

Telescoping CEAS Eyewire Pole Tool Features
• Patented drive-head
• Hex shank fits all 1/2” electric, and cordless drills
• Industrial strength poles and hardware
• Telescoping two stage 3’-6’, 6’-12’
• Telescoping three stage 6’-18’, 8’-24’

Eyewire Pole Tool Part Numbers:

2 Stage 3’ - 6’ POLEW36
2 Stage 6’ - 12’ POLEW612
3 Stage 6’ - 18’ POLEW618
3 Stage 8’ - 24’POLEW824

To Order, Contact Your Sales Rep/Dealer, or Call (877) GOO-CEAS

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