CEAS DX-350 Pole Tools, Fits Ramset, Powers, Hilti,

DX-350 Pole Tools

Quick Overview

The CEAS DX-350 Pole Tool is designed to fit Ramset Cobra, R25; Powers P35s, P3500, PA3500, P3600; Hilti DX350, DX35. Pole tools are safer, faster and easier than ladders, scaffolding or scissor lifts. If your looking for a safer, faster labor saving solution for long reach applications, then order a CEAS DX-350 Pole Tool today.

Benefits of CEAS DX-350 Pole Tools
• Faster install times increases productivity and saves labor
• Safer, faster and easier then ladders, scaffolding or scissor lifts
• Reduces exposure to close-up dust and noise
• Better leverage reduces back and shoulder pain

Choose Sectional CEAS DX-350 Pole Tools
• Lever and mid sections work with other CEAS power tool cradle sections which means less poles to inventory
• 3/16” stainless steel push rod with floating center guidance eliminates field linkage adjustments problems or breakage
• 1-1/2’ tool holder cradle section specifically designed for the PowderPuff actuated tool
• Couplings are constructed from a Dialectric material for safety
• Easily add on 1', 3', 5' or custom length mid sections to meet job requirements
• Easily breaks down to store in gang job box - prevents theft or damage

Choose Fixed Length CEAS DX-350 Pole Tools
• Industrial strength poles and hardware
• Ergonomic comfort grip
• Choose standard fixed lengths (4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’) or special order custom length

Reference Pictures for Coordinating Order Numbers.

DX-350 Pole Tool Part Numbers:

Sectional Pole - Cradle OnlyPOLBA350
Sectional Pole - 1-1/2’ Lever SectionPOLBALEVER
Sectional Pole - 1’ Mid Section POLBAMID1
Sectional Pole - 3’ Mid Section POLBAMID3
Sectional Pole - 5’ Mid Section POLBAMID5
Sectional Pole - Custom Section Special Order
Fixed Length 4’ Pole POLDX3504
Fixed Length 6’ Pole POLDX3506
Fixed Length 8’ Pole POLDX3508
Fixed Length 10’ Pole POLDX35010
Fixed Length 12’ Pole POLDX35012
Custom Fixed LengthSpecial Order

To Order, Contact Your Sales Rep/Dealer, or Call (877) GOO-CEAS